Romans 6:2

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

μη PRT-N γενοιτο V-2ADO-3S
God forbid!
οιτινες R-NPM απεθανομεν V-2AAI-1P τη T-DSF αμαρτια N-DSF
we who have died to sin
................... πως ADV-I ετι ADV ζησομεν V-FAI-1P εν PREP αυτη P-DSF
................... how can we yet live in it?

μη γενοιτο is a formula of strong denial used frequently by Paul always after a question.

οιτινες is placed at the beginning to give more emphasis to the consideration which contains within itself the answer to the false inference.

απεθανομεν τη αμαρτια is where everyone agrees it is of fundamental importance in this section though there is difficulty in agreeing to what exactly Paul means here. This has been previously posted before here.


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2 comment(s)

  1. Mei Gonoito! - God Forbid / Certaintly Not! / Heavan's No!

    Paul borrows this from Roman orators of his time. The art of asking a rhetorical question with an emphatic response was a common tactic used by Senators to point out the absurdity of a desenter's argument.

    Paul once again shows that his understanding of culture doesn't stop him from distancing himself from his former jewish ties. He is truly an amazing man!

    Cool stuff and thanks for the notes.

    God Bless

  2. Wow ... didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!