Monday, May 01, 2006

Some preparatory work for tomorrow's class on Romans 4.

The fourth chapter of Romans is where Moo has segregated into the following sections under the main theme of "By Faith Alone: Elaboration with Respect to Abraham"

  • Faith and Works (4:1-8)
  • Faith and Circumcision (4:9-12)
  • Faith, Promise and the Law (4:13-22)
  • The Faith of Abraham and the Faith of the Christian (4:23-25)

    According to Moo, Paul expounds the great theological thesis of 3:21-26 in 3:27-4:25, with 3:27-31 as the Initial Statement.

    In this section, Paul no longer talks about atonement, the demonstration God's righteousness or the provision of sins under the Old Covenant, but about the vital theme stated in v.22, "the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe".

    Faith is seen to be the main topic in every part of this section of Romans. It is contrasted with:

  • works of the law (3:28)
  • works (4:1-8)
  • circumcision (4:9-12)
  • the law (4:13-16)
  • sight (4:17-22)

    Paul argues that "by faith alone" is necessary in order to maintain "by grace alone".

    Picture by Bill Davenport
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