A brief look at Romans 5

Saturday, June 10, 2006

We will be having our class on Romans 5 soon. To take an initial brief look into it, Barnes gives quite a succinct introduction to the chapter:

Romans 5 has been considered one of the most difficult portions of the New Testaments, especially Rom 5:12-21. This chapter deals with the results or the benefits of the doctrine of justification by faith, which he has fully established in the previous chapters:

1. People are under the condemnation of sin
2. This extended alike to Jews and Gentiles
3. There is no way of escape but by the doctrine of pardon, not by personal merit , but by grace
4. This plan was made fully known by the gospel of Christ
5. This is no new doctrine, but was substantially the same how Abraham and David had been accepted by God

After having stated and vindicated the doctrine, he follows it up with the demonstration, its bearing and practical influence. In v.1-5, he shows the fruits of justification. He then follows with the fountain and foundation of justification in the death of Jesus Christ from v.6-21.

Picture by Mike Berg

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