A logical construction

Friday, June 30, 2006

I have been lazying for too long. I forced myself to sit down and really seriously start constructing my Romans 6 paper and I think I am back in business! It is however, far from finished.

What I have accomplished though is that I have worked out a logical structure to the paper. I felt that even though Romans 1-5 have been very well done by my fellow classmates, we all tend to get lost in all the theological discussions, debates and Greek grammar, so much so that either we could not finish the intended passage or we run really very late.

I am going to do it differently, even though I cannot be sure it will work. But at least I have a logical sequence to it.

My paper will be constructed as follows:

- Introduction
- The scope
- The context of the passage
- Romans 6:1-14 parsed, diagrammed and interpreted
- Paul’s argument
- Greek exegesis of key expressions
.......died to sin
.......baptised in Christ and into death
.......buried with him
.......live with him
- If should not sin, what then?
- Conclusion

I hope it makes sense to others the way it makes sense to me!

The paper also requires us to diagram the passage. I had problems doing that with this passage. Problems in trying to break down the verses and problems in not diagramming it too much or too little; but where to draw the line (pun intended!).

Again, I hope this makes sense (click to enlarge):

Picture by Valerio Lo Bello

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1 comment(s)

  1. Looks like a plan. Cool pictures.

    but where to draw the line (pun intended!).