Goodbye 2006

Sunday, December 31, 2006

The last day of the year
I would usually feel a little bit
Of every kind of emotion
Of fear, joy, gratitude, guilt

Grateful for the Lord's guidance
For what he has begun
Sorrowful for what I have
And what I have not done

Blessed for all
The great friends I have made
Pained that some of them
Have not stayed

Assured of the faithfulness
Of the Lord
Fearful of where and how
Tomorrow I will trod

Thankful, that I am
For the trials and the thorns
Regretful though
That I have not much grown

I am thankful but yet
I am still so perplexed
Is this all of 2006?
Is this all?

O God have mercy on me
O God my hope is in You
O Lord have mercy on me
O Lord my salvation is in You

I hope, I delight in You
I fear, I depend on You
O God, I love You
O God, I do

Copyright © 2006 Pearlie Ng

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