Noodles, sleep and fantasy

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The best Pan Mee in the world! We usually drive about 20km almost every Saturday morning to this our most favourite eating place for a bowl of noodles. Read more about it here. Just thinking about it now makes me hungry for some!

Then I spent most of the day sleeping while catching a couple of hours working on the Role of the Holy Spirit and enjoying myself reading Paolini's, Eldest. I was not so much of a fan for this genre of fiction but I think I am now. I used to try to read a borrowed copy of Raymond Feist's The Magician many years ago but gave up just after several chapters. I am thinking of getting myself a copy after I am done with Eldest.

Noodles, sleep and fantasy - quite a good combination for a good day.


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2 comment(s)

  1. Meaghan, Another week of daytime sleeping and you'll be ready for a trip to the US! Glad you're resting up for 2007. Wow, tomorrow when I'm just leaving church, you'll be in 07 already.
    Blessings, Julia

  2. No more daytime sleeping - I will be back to work on Wednesday!