Waiting, waiting and waiting

Friday, December 22, 2006

The day is kind of wasteful - wasting time, that is.

We spent almost half the day waiting and waiting and waiting in the Immigration Department in the process of getting Calvin a passport. As a result I did not get much done.

I spent the morning in a client's meeting which was fruitful.

Then it was the entire afternoon in the Immigration Department. Which isn't that bad really because I brought a book along to keep me entertained. I am reading Paolini's Eragon. I felt I must read it after watching the movie (the same thing that happened after I watched The Fellowship of the Ring!)

We went for dinner with my husband's parent. Today is the Chinese festival celebrated one month before the Chinese New Year, called Gor Tong: literally crossing into the winter solstice, not that we have winter here but since it is a Chinese festival ... We are supposed to have tong yuen but this year, after my father-in-law was diagnosed to have the Parkinson's, I guess my mother-in-law was not really in a festive mood to make tong yuen. It is a must to have it every year - this year is an exception.

After dinner, I did some shopping to get what I need for the Christmas party but I am still short of a few things, which was not available in the store. I only have tomorrow left to get them.

Picture from Sensory Overload

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6 comment(s)

  1. Hey Meaghan!

    Wishing you lots of yang....


  2. I'll be taking a moment to pray for your family this year. I know the news must be very hard on your mother-in-law may she find the strength in the times to follow.

  3. Thanks Milly. It is hard to see a kind man reduced to what he is now.

  4. Julia,
    Thanks for the wish but this will be the first time I got wished with yang :) I am not too steeped in Chinese mythology myself and so I took a brief look at yin and yang in wiki - interesting!

  5. Hi Maeghan,

    I don't really know about it, but it sounded like yang is a good thing :) So I wished it for you!

    Your link to ying and yang goes to Doug's sad story, btw. Sorry to hear about your in-laws, also.