Out of order

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We have not yet put the tree up and so the minute I got home from work yesterday, I dragged it all out all eager to prop it up with lights and balls and garlands … but the lights didn’t work.

The tree is now sitting bare.

Reflecting on it, just how lighted up am I for God?

Picture by Agzu

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8 comment(s)

  1. Thank you for the reminder of where my light should shine.

  2. So Maeghan, wow, you're going to be getting Christmas a half a day before us, so I guess you better stop blogging to catch up! It sounds like you have your priorities straight though and are not stressing out about the minutia! Blessings, Julia

  3. When you get some lights that work, make sure you listen to Point of Grace's "Let There Be Light" as you put them up. Sure put me in the right mindset!

  4. Julia,
    Not stressing about minutia? I am not sure about that! haha ... I am off from work until the New Year and I have been trying to catch with so many things time seem to fly too fast. Been running here and there on errands, no time for blogging till now :)

  5. Bobbie,
    I have not gotten the lights yet!!!! I was too preoccupied with so many things my dad got them for me but I have not picked them up yet. Arrrghhh ... :)

  6. Milly,
    You are welcome. We all need to be reminded of so many things :) And I am horribly forgetful!

  7. Maeghan,

    It is not necesarily the lights on the outside that matter. It is the light that dwells inside us that make all the difference. If God is in us, we cannot contain this light: it will overflow into all of our life.

    God Bless

  8. If God is in us, we cannot contain this light: it will overflow into all of our life.

    True but sometimes we are guilty of covering it up and putting it under a bushel. Yes, we need to let it flow out.