A Booky Day

Saturday, January 27, 2007

It has been quite awhile since I read and finished a book - and I finished Alister McGrath's In the Beginning, The Story of the King James Bible yesterday night. Anyway, it was an easy read with it being a story book. I find it excellent because as I have mentioned here somewhere, it covers all three of my current interest: theology, English and history.

It was a booky day yesterday. I had absolutely forgotten about the lunch arrangement with Noel, where we agreed to go visit a bookshop that is new to us. So as payback, I had to bring him there after work.

So we visited CanaanLand. We did not have much time there though. We arrived shortly after 6 and the store closes at 7. But we were so much liked by the people there that they extended their hours just for us. Just kidding! They were so absolutely nice that they allowed us to stay on a little while longer just to complete our purchases. I am a total convert now - CanaanLand over Sufes. And I get a 10% discount on all books in CanaanLand. I left with 4 books and Noel with 3, I think.

I was delighted they had copies of Stanley Grenz's Theology for the Community of God, which is the text for my Christian Theology 1 (CT1) paper. Sufes was out of stock on this one.

I was looking for books for my CT1 assignment on the historical Jesus. There is this one called Studying the Historical Jesus by Darell Bock but it was out of stock. I found Larry W. Hurtado's How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God? but I am not sure if it is relevant to my paper.

Noel convinced me to get Nancy Pearcey's Total Truth which won a Gold Medallion Award. It talks about worldviews, Pearcey is an excellent author I was told and so I think it will be good.

And finally, it was Alex who introduced me to this much needed book. He wasn't there with us but knowing that we are off to a bookstore, he gave us his booklist and this was one of them, DA Carson's Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church. I was recently been confronted with the Emergent Movement and I need to find out more about it before I say anything. And at The Thinklings, I came across a post which led to these articles by Mark Driscoll and Scot McKnight. McKnight's article is a good introduction to the Emergent Movement but is in criticism to Carson's book. I had a problem creating links to the articles, so here they are if you are interested:

A Pastoral Perspective on the Emergent Church
by Mark Driscoll

What is the Emerging Church?
by Scot McKnight


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6 comment(s)

  1. Or you should say - ANOTHER great booky day. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on those books Pearlie!

  2. :) Yeah ... i thought so too but never mind - I will have many booky days.

  3. I keep finding awesome blogs through milly and missy...now here you are...I'll be spending all my time in front of the computer....

  4. Hi Karen,
    So glad to have you around! I see myself spending time at your blog too, which is awesome.

  5. You touched this post, so it popped up in bloglines again. You need to check out NT Wright on the historical Jesus! You'll be shocked at how exactly pertinent to your subject he is.

  6. Ooops ... I am not sure if bloglines would be appropriate to track my blog -- I touch and retouch my posts all the time! I am not perfect but I am a perfectionist, ah well :)

    I have changed my mind and not doing the historical question anymore (I am about to wrap up the paper on Origen). But a book by NT Wright on historical Jesus? Which title is it? I have seen his book on resurrection in the stores though.