Christian Theology 1: Day 6

Monday, January 22, 2007

We did not have any lectures today but spent the evening sharing our thoughts, what we learnt and what we can take away from the past 5 days of learning.

Many brought up the issue of living out our theology. But I feel it is hard if we don’t first know what it is. On the outset, I may think that I do but after having encountered the many lines of thoughts, i.e. Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic (I have been googling for Theology of Work and found most of it in Roman Catholic sites), I am not sure what to live out anymore. So it still boils down back to the faith community that I place myself in – my church, my thinking Christian friends and my family – the need to have one another to check and counter check what we think, we say and we do.

Picture by Julia Freeman-Woolpert

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