Life's back to 1997

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I have not been able to blog much lately and this would last for the coming few weeks due to the earthquakes that striked off the coast of Taiwan on December 26th. The earthquakes has cut undersea cables which led to a disruption of telecoms services in the region.

Here are some news links:

Exasperating earthquake
Why did two earthquakes off Taiwan mean that our surfing suffered?

Digital blackout puts Asia in time warp
It was a tsunami for the digital age, a natural disaster of the virtual world that radiated through much of Asia and beyond after an undersea earthquake last week off the coast of Taiwan.
People awoke on Wednesday to find themselves without e-mail or the Internet and, in some cases, without telephone connections, cut off from the world around them.

It's 1997 all over again for Net users
We may have just entered 2007, but it will feel like 1997 for most Internet users in Malaysia.

Asia mends data cables, plans patches for sea grid
Ships set sail on Friday to mend cables damaged by earthquakes off Taiwan that cut communications in Asia, while companies found new routes for their data to flow to prevent another disruption.

Completion of HK undersea cable repairs delayed
The earthquake off southern Taiwan last week damaged a group of submarine cables linking Asia to the world, resulting in unreliable telecom services. Hong Kong officials pushed back by one week the estimated completion date for initial repairs of the undersea communication cables damaged by an earthquake because of a problem with a cable ship.

Asian Undersea Cable Repair Delayed by Ship Fault, Bad Weather
Asian telephone companies and regulators said repairs to undersea cables damaged by an earthquake off southern Taiwan were delayed by problems with a repair ship and bad weather.


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6 comment(s)

  1. Wow!

    That is so uncool, and so amazing. Thanks for letting us know!

    We'll miss you while you are stuck in the dark ages. Write lots of good poetry while you are gone. :-(

  2. Yeah ... quite frustrating coz everything is so slow. I am still trying the umpteenth time to try out your brain test thingy which takes forever to load up that I give up everytime.

    Poetry? Only when I am inspired. lol.

  3. Hi Meaghan,

    Boohoo :( Hope you're up to speed soon!


  4. Wow - sort of makes you slow down, huh? We were without power for entire week a couple years ago, and it just made me realize how vulnerable we really are. Hope the repairs can be completed soon.

  5. Maeghan,

    When I first started coding, I was using a tele-type machine that ran at 30 baud. That is essentially 4 characters were passed a second.

    We've come a long way, and it is funny how dependant we have become on the conveniences of technology.

    Thanks for the reminder of how things were. I am empathize with your plight.

    I hope they fix things soon.

    God Bless

  6. Julia,
    I wish but I think I won't be able to so soon.

    Shows how much we are dependent on such things but being unconnected is by no way worse than not having power! I hope all is well with you and all at home.

    I am no programmer but the first time I ever tried my hand at it was with an Atari machine! I programmed the simplest of simplest 3-line programme, if you can call it a programme, or was it just 2 lines?

    10 do something
    20 goto 10


    God bless y'all