This is now Pearlie Gates

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I will be making some major changes in my life.

This is a small one - the changing of my blog name. But I feel that it is nevertheless significant. I have started blogging on a trial basis, putting myself and my thoughts into a world of the unknown in the presence of strangers. The experience so far is good. I have made good friends and I am happy that I am able to verbalise my thoughts. In doing so, I made my spiritual journey more or less a documented one, albeit not very systematic.

So, continue to come by the gates, take a peek into my thoughts and journey, trivial or otherwise, and as you leave I hope you will come away with a glimpse of light into the kingdom of our Incarnate Lord Jesus, whom I am striving to imitate.

pearlie aka Maeghan

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11 comment(s)

  1. Hi Pearlie,

    Congratulations on the name change - keep up the good work blogging!!!


  2. Meaghan, I love the new name! I am so glad you put yourself out here. I have been contemplating a similar change in the scope of my blog, too. I always seem to be half a step behind you and I am grateful for the example.

  3. Pearl,

    I like the name better anyway!

    God Bless

  4. Thank you all! I am very encouraged.

  5. missy,
    Good to hear that from you too. I started off unsure what will happen and I think I have come a long way for a new blogger. So I thought the next step is to be more forthcoming in who I am. When I started, I am already impressed with Julia who states her real name in her blog :)

  6. Doug,
    I am so happy to see you again. You made me smile in this dreary morning on both counts.

  7. Hi Pearlie,

    I'm deeply amazed at the reflections you've done on each of our sessions together in class.

    It has all at once been astounding and a blessing to me. Thanks.

  8. Ah, Pearlie is your real name! Beautiful. If I would have had a second daughter, Ruby or Pearl where my names. I liked how they described a child as a "treasure" - something you truly are!

  9. sk,
    As you are, a blessing to me. And I thank you.